Maharogi Sewa Samiti, Warora, Anandwan, the Eden Garden for the lame and leprosy-patients, the devoid and the destitute, the deaf and the dumb, was founded by Padma Vibhushan Baba Amte.

Set up in 1949, Maharogi Sewa Samiti, Warora, Anandwan is probably the only institution on planet that recasts the hidden and untapped energy of the most neglected and least cared segment of humanity in to potential use. Housed in 220 hectares of arid rocky land, Anandwan has grown into colossus. Baba Amte and his equally devoted wife, venerable Sadhanatai, have become the embodiment of love and devotion to the inmates of Anandwan, who were mostly the outcast and the thrown-away. Baba’s name and workaholic fumes have risen today to the celestial horizons. Hope, Dignity and Self-Respect have become the respective synonyms of Rousseau’s Liberty, and Fraternity “Charity destroys, work builds” has become the guiding spirit and Baba has succeeded in weaving a large and well-defined-refined family of orthopedically handicapped, visually impaired, hearing and speech crippled, young school dropouts and abandoned.

Today, Anandwan has grown in to a multidimensional institution that houses 4000 disabled and disadvantaged people on different sites, all engaged fruitfully in 49 divergent and productive traits and disciplines, such as agriculture, industrial production, textile, printing, handicrafts, leather-crafts, fabrication workshop etc.

As permeates through the history, great men never stroll on trodden path. Baba too erected his pavements and trod upon them into varied avenues nursing various sectors. Where there was wound, Baba’s hands were at work. When it was torrid path of knitting India together, he embarked on with the slogan “BHARAT JODO’ and measured the length and breadth of the huge country from the sea to the summit. And when it was the cause of dislocated humanity, in the terrains of Narmada, he did not remain complacent and took up the issue with the overwhelming zeal. Public adulation and global honours are not alien to Baba Amte. To mention a few, Baba Amte is adorned with Padmashree (1971), Magsaysay Award (1985), Padma Vibhushan (1986), U.N. Human Rights Award (1988), Templeton Prize (1990), Gandhi Peace Prize (1999), Dr. Ambedkar International Award (1999) and innumerable degrees (Honoris Causa) are some of the honours showered upon Baba. He continues to be harbinger of love and care.