Mahila Adhyayan wa Sewa Kendra and Loksankhya Shikshan

Anand Niketan College has been enthusiastically and very actively implementing Women’s Study & Service Centre and Population Education Club for many years. Both these activities are run under the Lifelong Learning and Extension Services Cell of Gondwana University, Gadchiroli.

1. Women’s Study & Service Centre The main objectives of this activity are: -to make fruitful use of college as a platform for initiating women’s empowerment. -to make students, especially girl students, aware of women’s problems and issues relating to education, health, family, their social status, employment issues and harassment. Our Women’s Study & Service Centre organizes every programme keeping these in mind. This activity contributes greatly in creating awareness among students about all above stated issues.

2. Population Education Club The objective of this activity is: -to make students aware of disastrous consequences of rapidly growing population. -to spread awareness about the policies implemented to control the explosion of the population. -to craft a congenial mindset in students that would be favourable for acceptance of concept of ‘Small Family’.


All the participant students are required to complete and submit an assigned project. The project includes compilation of material (photos, anecdotes, etc.) regarding the contribution of Sants (Saints) in social reforms. The project also includes compilation of cuttings from newspapers and magazines. Students have to collect 20 news items, 4 general articles, 2 column articles and 10 readers’ opinion articles related with any two of the given subjects. The goal behind this project is to stimulate the reading habit and to compel students to read newspapers and magazines regularly, and thereby to make them keep themselves abreast and update with current issues. Along with this, in the project, participant students write an article about any Sant (Saint) in their own handwriting.

Women’s Study & Service Centre - Programme Officer 2017-18 : Prof. M M Naik 2018-19 : Prof. M M Naik

Population Education Club - Programme Officer 2017-18 : Prof. M R Chaudhari 2018-19 : Prof. M R Chaudhari