About Library

• College Library is continuously functioning since the College established on June 20, 1964 and rendering the efficient and effective library services to users’ community.

• Presently College library having the quality collection of 51983 books, 47 Journals and periodicals with 14 daily newspapers.

• Independent and well equipped library building having various sections (Total Carpet Area about 4000 Sq. Feet).

• Qualified and experienced Library Staff. Availability of leading and classic reference and information sources. Sufficient number of text, reference and general books for the use of student, staff and other users of library.

• Good collection of Competitive exam. Books.

• No. of Users Oriented Prominent Services with Book Bank Scheme, Full Deposit Scheme, External Membership to PG Students, researcher and students preparing for competitive exams.

• Internet facility with N-List programme of INFLIBNET.

• Library is partially automated with LIBMAN Software and data entry work is under progress.

• Organising various Extension Activities like Book Exhibition, Marathi Readers Contest, and Reading Inspiration Day Celebration etc.