The Department of Sociology was established with the inception of Anand Niketan College on 20th June 1964. The Department has the history of distinguished scholars heading the department. Followings were the heads of sociology department:

1. Mr. P.G. Pendke (1964 to 1995)

2. Dr. Ranjana Lad (1995- till date)

Aims and Objectives:

It is the mission of the sociology program to cultivate t sociological imagination, which involves the ability to understand how individual and group behavior is shaped by society's historical development, how personal problems are connected to the public issues of social structure, and to learn how to work with others to improve social conditions. This imagination promotes critical thinking skills, which are essential for effective participation in the professional, personal and public affairs.

Teaching Staff

Dr. Ranjana H. Lad (Assot. Prof. & Head)