Shraddheya Baba Amte, a renowned social worker and the recipient of numerous national and international awards including the Padmashree, Padmavibhushan, and the Ramon Magsaysay Award, had founded a charitable trust – ‘Maharogi Seva Samiti’ (1950) – in order to rehabilitate the marginalised people like the leprosy afflicted, orthopedically handicapped, visually impaired, hearing and speech crippled, young school dropouts and the abandoned.

The opening of Anand Niketan College, on June 20, 1964, was MSS’s another step towards the larger social welfare and rural upliftment. The college buildings were erected through the labours of the lepers and the crippled of Anandwan. Since its inception, the college has been functioning as a torchbearer of the advancement of knowledge, awareness and progress and, the facilitator of quality education for the economically weaker youths of rural, remote areas.

The department of English, which came into being on the same day, has an illustrious history of the distinguished scholars and academicians. The strong foundation of the department was laid by Prof. Dr. K. K. Reddy, appointed on 20/06/1964, with his student-centric teaching ability and love of research and publication. ‘SESAME’, an anthology of English prose, edited by Dr. K. K. Reddy and published by S. Chand, New Delhi, was prescribed by R. T. M. Nagpur University as curriculum for B. A. I, from 2003 to 2008. The second faculty to join the college was Prof. K. Satyanarayan (20/06/1966) who, along with the routine teaching responsibilities, also held some of the important positions in the university administration, one of them being the Chairman of the Board of Studies of English in R. T. M. Nagpur University. In 1993, an equally capable and linguistically versatile faculty Dr. B. R. Pandey joined the department on 28/12/93, under the leadership of the head of the department Dr. Reddy.

With the first generation teachers’ (Dr. Reddy and Prof. Satyanarayan) careers nearing their retirements, the new faculties in the form of Mr. P. M. Bansod (01/12/1999), and Mr. A. L. Pandhare (03/06/2004 – on contract Basis) were appointed so as to fill the gap that was likely to be created due to retirements of the senior teachers. Meanwhile, Dr. K. K. Reddy and Prof. K. Satyanarayan got superannuated in 2001 and 2002 respectively. Later, Mr. A. N. Barde was appointed on 11/07/2005 and, in 2006, Dr. B. R. Pandey left the department, to join as a college principal elsewhere. In the due course of time, Mr. A. L. Pandhare was regularized in service from 03/06/2008 after his SET qualification in 2008 and, the last faculty to join the department (on 15/02/2014) was Mr. S. V. Tiple.

At present, four fully qualified faculties, appointed as per UGC guidelines, work in the department on full-time, regular basis who are consistently engaged in the activities of teaching, research, publication, extension and institutional governance. Besides these regular faculties, the department also has faculties on CHB.

Aims and Objectives

1. To seek and preserve academic excellence

2. To inculcate courage by removing the English phobia found among the rural and backward students.

3. To make students aware of the importance of English language

4. To encourage and develop the average students and slow learners.

5. To improve skills of foreign language use among rural students

6. Increase the use of ICT in teaching.

Teaching Staff

Mr. A. N. Barde (Assot. Prof. & Head)

Mr. P. M. Bansod (Asst. Prof.)

Mr. A. L. Pandhare (Asst. Prof.)

Mr. S. V. Tiple (Asst. Prof.)